The Building Process

The Modular Home Building Process

The process of building your new modular home is not that different than building a traditional on-site home. The most significant differences are that it is built in a climate-controlled factory, and it is shipped to your property, approximately 75% completed. But many steps are the same. These are the basic steps for building a modular home.

1. Obtain engineering work, including survey, soil boring tests, plot plans, elevation certificates. You can obtain your own engineer or use one of ours.

2. Removal of asbestos, Apply for utility disconnects. Apply for Demolition Permits (if applies)

3. Select the model and floor plan of your modular home. We work with you to customize the plan to fit your specifications.

4. Obtain construction permits and variances (if applies).

5. Choose finishing options, like cabinets, flooring, siding, roofing, and more.

6. Construction begins at factory upon receipt of building permits.

7. Build masonry foundations or pilings

8. Delivery and setting of house on foundation.

9. On-site installation and complete turn-key work (electric, plumbing, HVAC, trim work, painting, etc)

10. Final Inspections and C.O.